Our Leaders
Community Aid International (CAI) is led at governance and senior Management levels by a team that includes:

Ms. Hellen Malava – Board Chair.
Hellen has several years of experience in the NGO sector and brings to CAI a rich track record in management and leadership in the sector.

Mr. Bob Nyanja – Board member.
Bob is one of the leading personalities in the Kenyan film industry, where he is a leading producer and mentor of professionals and artists in the sector.

Mr. Kennedy Mahianda ñ Board member.
Ken has several years of experience as a teacher and management of education institutions, apart from leadership in Christian Ministry.

Ms. Wanja Karanyama ñ Board member.
Wanja is one of the respected and go-to personalities in Communication, Marketing and Event Management in Kenya.

Mr. Joseph Kwaka ñ Executive Director and Secretary to the Board.
Joseph has had a long experience, having worked in the public sector, private sector, UN, NGOs and as a consultant. He is the lead author of: Challenging the Rulers: A Leadership Model for Good Governance.

Winnie Njenga ñ Deputy Director.
Winnie is a social scientist with expertise in organizational development and HR management. Winnie brings to the organization the much-needed dynamism and diversity of experience.

Patricia Makau ñ Programme Officer.
Patricia is a specialist in community development, a field in which she is also a part-time lecturer. Patricia has recently joined the organization at a time when her background, zeal and skills in project management is very much required.