Community Aid International (CAI) was founded in 1993 as a Kenyan non-governmental organization (NGO). We are based in Nairobi and work in several counties across the country. We work with communities to help develop their capacity to eradicate poverty, improve their quality of life and empower them to fight for their rights and promote social justice.
CIAís vision is: A just society where all people live in dignity.

Our Mission is:

To work with communities and partners for a poverty-free and just society.
The following are our thematic areas of focus:

Poverty Reduction and Wealth Creation:

We do capacity building for women and youth so as to improve their access to credit and financial services to enable them to be involved in activities that increase household income.

Social Justice:

We strive to achieve this through working with communities to empower them to demand for good leadership and good governance, improve their participation in public affairs and safeguard their rights to improved services and socio-economic development.

 Health and Wellness:

We target communities in need to improve primary health, especially reproductive health and disease prevention.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development:

Through sensitization and working with communities from the indigenous knowledge to appropriate contemporary methods, we promote environmental conservation and practices that ensure sustainable development